Angry Customer Faces Charges After He Slaps Pennsylvania Burger King Employee Across The Face!

Burger King 'Kevin' Slaps Employee In Angry Rant - The Randy Report


A Butler County man is facing multiple charges after video of him slapping a Burger King Employee was captured on camera.

21-year-old Austin Addison of Lyndora, PA faces charges of Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct and Harassment.

Garret Reams, who filmed the incident tells KDKA Radio he and his co-worker Derek Bush entered the Burger King on New Castle Road back in June when they saw Addison yelling toward the front counter.

Reams says he at first thought it was a joke but then heard the suspect yelling about “some girl in the back needing to come out.”

“She needs to get the f–k out of here before I get her put in jail for the rest of her life,” he seethed.

The startled-looking employee reminded the man that he was on camera — prompting him to slap the worker square in the face, the video shows. Then he made his way for the exit.

Cops later caught up with the man, identified as Austin Addison, 21, charging him with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, authorities told TMZ.

The 13-second clip doesn’t show the entire incident, but a witness told the outlet that Addison was looking for a female employee he apparently knew.

Addison first threw his keys — and when he didn’t respond to the witness’ attempts to calm him down, that’s when the camera started rolling. Stills from the video of the man being slapped.

Addison used to work at Harbor Freight Tools, according to the report, but wasn’t employed there at the time of the incident. Still, the company told the outlet it doesn’t condone its former worker’s behavior.

He says Addison then threw a set of keys at an ordering screen behind the counter that damaged it. It was at that time says Reams, that the police were called by employees.

Man Faces Charges After Slapping Burger King Employee

Bush says that the manager along with several other employees asked Addison to leave several times prior to the slap.

Reams said he told Addison to “back off” and that he would be facing trouble that he didn’t want from authorities.

He was then shrugged to the side and that he when Reams says he started recording and the manager was slapped.

Burger King 'Kevin' Slaps Employee In Angry Rant - The Randy Report

Reams says Addison then left the scene on foot and he and his coworker noticed the suspect talking to a state trooper “less than a half mile down the road.”

Addison was taken into custody a short time later.

Reams adds that he didn’t hear anything racist said and that he didn’t appear to be upset about the quality of his food.

An arraignment hearing is scheduled for September 22.






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