‘Cheaters’ TV Show Pulled Up On Dude With His Side Chick And Hands Begin To Fly

A cheater in the relationship context is when one of the parties involved in a relationship is emotionally or sexually unfaithful to the other with a partner with whom you are in a closed relationship with.

Having intimate physical or emotional contact with another person is typically considered cheating. It is possible to still be in a relationship with someone you are in love with and still cheat because of several reasons.

A relationship is when two or more people are connected or the state of being connected.

It is also a way in which they feel and behave towards each other. It is also a close connection between two people, especially one involving romantic or sexual feelings.

Relationships could be emotional, sexual, non-sexual depending on the agreement of the parties involved.

Being in a relationship requires both partners’ loyalty towards each other, regardless of the situation of the relationship.

That was not the case here, as a boyfriend was caught in the club with a woman he was cheating with while still in a relationship.

Cheaters TV is a weekly syndicated reality television series featuring couples with one partner who is committing adultery, or cheating, on the other partner. As Cheaters TV stormed the clubhouse where the cheating boyfriend was in with his side woman.

All hell broke loose as the main girlfriend confronted him for cheating on her.  As the security men of the club and cheaters TV tried to calm the situation down, the two women involved started fighting, but we’re quickly separated by the security men.

Apparently, the side girl didn’t know that the man was in a relationship as she went to confront him to know the identity of the woman who came with Cheaters TV and their television crew.






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