Senior Cloud Developer 2023 Jobs

Within Flui Technologies, a trading name of AMT-Sybex Ltd, we are all about progression and constantly challenging and developing ourselves as individuals and as a company. We have been providing business-critical enterprise-level solutions to customers in the utility sector for over 20 years. We deliver scalable and reliable transactional, data handling and analytics solutions.
As a company, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations such that we are the first choice for continuing to provide services to them in the long term.
We champion Growth from Within, both for individuals to challenge themselves to grow, seize opportunities and develop further than they may have thought possible, whilst also investing in our awesome talent as the future leaders of our business and industry.

Climate change presents the world with a challenge to urgently protect our planet, our economy and our populations.
The UK has set a world-leading net zero target, the first major economy to do so. Having set the target, the focus turns to delivering against that target. In the Energy White Paper ‘Powering our Net Zero Future’ the government has set out an ambitious programme to build a fairer greener energy system.
Flui Technologies is going through its own ambitious programme, to provide the software that will enable this change in the energy industry. We will be moving from multiple single-tenant monolithic applications, and decomposing/recombining into a cloud-native, serverless, multi-tenant architecture, with AWS the chosen platform . Java is our language of choice.

As a Senior Cloud Developer, you will have good experience with AWS serverless technologies and be able to advise and contribute to the overall technical architecture. Over time you will gain an understanding of the needs of the industry, and ensure that each aspect of the product is designed to meet that need.
You will ensure quality and consistency throughout, championing and getting involved in test automation and build/deploy automation. You will be keeping yourself up to speed with changes in the technical landscape and implementing new technologies where appropriate.






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