VIDEO: Student Puts Laxatives In Drinks And Sends The Entire School Into A Frenzy

There’s something funny about poop. Poop and farts… but mostly poop. The largely private act is always the first thing to be joked about between friends and we laugh off incidences where we have soiled ourselves in awkward situations in the past.

People manage to be caught short of a bathroom in the most untimely circumstances such as on the way to the altar in a white dress, or in a job interview.

It’s just the way of the world, there is nothing we can do about it – we just have to laugh it off!

So in an incident in the United States where an entire school was caught out at the same time, years from now we hope the students will be about to laugh off the trauma they experienced in the video below.

A normal cafeteria scene quickly descends into chaos when a disturbance is heard.

The camera pans around to show students in some pretty heavy gastric distress in a bit of a hurry to find the nearest bathroom.

It turns out some joker has played a pretty hectic prank on the entire school by tainting all the drinks available for the school lunches with a healthy dose of liquid laxatives.



Tasteless, but potent, the laxatives have ripped their way through the students’ digestive tracts, relaxing every sphincter and turning passing food to liquid as it goes.

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The students try in vain to stop the effect of the laxatives, clenching up, sprinting for the bathroom, but it won’t do any good.

Students crouch down in corners crying hysterically with embarrassment, not knowing what the hell has happened to them.

Teachers parade the halls, trying to deal with the terror that has grip their school.

One student, overwhelmed by the scene, loses his lunch in projectile form, all over the floor, in two explosive bursts.






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